Law 793:  Advanced Illinois Civil Procedure and Appellate Practice

The course will offer an in-depth survey and analysis of Illinois civil procedure and rules of appellate practice, with an emphasis on how these rules and principles matter in practice and are best used by advocates.  From this vantage point, we will consider topics including standing; jurisdiction and venue; discovery; pre-trial and trial procedure; class actions; declaratory judgments and injunctions; post-trial relief; judgment and post-judgment proceedings; remedies, statutes of limitation, collateral estoppel, res judicata and other judicially-created doctrines; and the rules of appellate procedure.  To gain experience with “applying” civil procedure, students will prepare a pleading, discovery requests and responses, a motion, and a memorandum in support of a motion for summary judgment. 

Prerequisites: None

Evaluation: Students will be graded on assignments throughout the semester and class participation. 

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