Law 792:  Aircraft Finance

This course will focus on legal and related financial issues arising in the purchase, sale, lease and financing of both large commercial and smaller business aircraft.  Attention will be given to how aviation lawyers structure, negotiate and document aircraft related transactions, taking into account relevant commercial, security, tax, bankruptcy, regulatory and related issues in the context of both domestic and international transactions. Emphasis will be placed on risk management measures employed in aircraft financing transactions, many of which are transferable to transactions involving other asset classes. We will explore how well these measures have served in past periods of economic stress, and how well they have fared during the current period of economic stress.

Sequence and Prerequisites: No prerequisites, although background in commercial law and/or secured transactions is recommended.

Evaluation: The course will involve a combination of lecture and student participation by way of discussion and practical exercise. Grades in the course will be based on class participation and performance on a written documentation exercise at the end of the course.

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