Law 692:  State Appellate Defender

The Office of the State Appellate Defender represents indigent citizens in criminal appeals. Attorneys from the Fourth District Office of the State Appellate Defender supervise law students who will prepare criminal appeals for at least two clients of the office. Class sessions will include instruction on Illinois appellate procedure and brief-writing. Each student will receive at least two 300-700 page felony trial transcripts. The students will work as a group to brainstorm issues and will individually draft at least two appellate briefs. Students with licenses approved by the Illinois Supreme Court (711 licenses) may be able to participate at counsel table during oral argument before the Illinois Appellate Court for the Fourth Judicial District, with proceedings occasionally held at the College of Law.

Sequence and Prerequisites: Requires eligibility for 711 License Certification, which includes having completed 45 credit hours.

Evaluation: Written project (brief) and other assignments.

Course Classification: Clinic

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