Law 792:  Applied Environmental Law

This course challenges students interested in environmental law and policy with a variety of current, real-world applications.  Students will select two projects assisting non-profit environmental organizations, government agencies, and other entities engaged in environmental work.  The applications require students to work with lawyers and other managers in these organizations; interview stakeholders; research environmental and related laws; review documents; and draft documents that may include submissions to government agencies, testimony, recommendations for legislation, reports, strategic plans, and advice for litigation.  In addition to the students' projects, the course will host a variety of guest presenters and students will read examples of their environmental work. 

Prerequisites: Environmental Law or Administrative Law is required. A strong interest in environmental policies and undergraduate coursework in ecosystems or environmental economics are helpful, but not required.

Evaluation: Grades will be based on written work and oral presentations on the students' projects, as well as class participation.


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