Law 798:  COVID Legal Practicum (Online)

The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged the entire world, fundamentally changing our society and likely to permanently transform the world.  While the long-term effects of COVID-19 are not yet clear, the short-term effects are many, including serious health, economic, and political issues.  This Practicum will examine some of these issues in a short course, and then provide students with the opportunity to work with legal aid organizations across Illinois in addressing the societal effects of COVID-19 through the College of Law’s externship program.  The classroom component of the Practicum will address issues relating to constitutional law, employment law, contract formation and interpretation, tort liability, elder law implication, health law, and bankruptcy.  The classroom portion of the Practicum will feature a team-teaching approach led by College of Law faculty members and select guest speakers.

Prerequisites:  The COVID-19 Field Placement is a co-requisite for this course.

Evaluation: Paper

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