Law 793:  Pre-Trial Litigation (Chicago)

This course is designed to build upon the first year course in Civil Procedure. Students in this course will gain helpful insights from practitioners with decades of litigation experience concerning the pre-trial stages of litigation. All areas of litigation, from the drafting and  filing of the complaint through the final pre-trial conference, will be covered, with particular emphasis placed on pleadings (complaints, answers, third-party complaints), written discovery (interrogatories, requests to produce, requests to admit), depositions (party depositions, independent witness depositions, corporate representative depositions, expert witness depositions, treating physician depositions); motion practice (motions to dismiss, motions to compel, motions for summary judgment); settlement discussions and trial preparation (witness lists, motions in limine; jury instructions). 

Prerequisites: None.

Evaluation: Students will be expected to participate in some exercises designed to simulate pre-trial litigation which may include the drafting of pleadings and/or pre-trial motions.

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