Travel Stipends

Admitted students can receive up to $400 for most travel costs associated with visiting the school or attending an open house. Expenses may include lodging, mileage, and other expenses associated with transportation. Hotel incidentals or other costs associated with dining and alcohol are excluded for reimbursement.

One-time travel stipends are provided to financially assist admitted students who wish to visit the College of Law during their law school search and decision-making process. It is not intended to cover expenses for personal trips unrelated to this decision-making process. For example, a student who has paid both deposits has effectively “made” his or her decision and would therefore be ineligible to seek a travel reimbursement.

The College of Law reserves the right to decline a travel reimbursement request if it appears that the trip was made for purposes other than making a decision regarding where to attend law school. Reimbursement requests for personal trips will be submitted to LSAC for investigation of misconduct in the admissions process.

It is required that an admitted student’s visit be comprised, in part, of a meeting with an admissions officer. Weekend visits or other visits to the school “on one’s own” without benefit of this meeting will not be reimbursed. Meetings with current students will not fulfill this requirement. Expenses for additional family members or friends traveling with the admitted student are not reimbursable. Reimbursements are for costs incurred by the admitted student only.

Steps for Requesting Reimbursement

  • Retain all original receipts for travel expenses incurred.
  • Complete the Reimbursement Request Form and attach receipts.
  • Submit Reimbursement Request Form and receipts to Admissions Office staff in person or by mail.
  • International students must provide the following additional documentation:

F-1 Visa Holders
Copy of Passport ID
Copy of current US Visa and entry stamps
Copy of I-94 (both sides)
Copy of I-20
Copy of EAD (Employment Authorization Document) (If you have an OPT or CPT, you should have an EAD)

J-1 Visa Holders
Copy of Passport ID
Copy of J1 Visa
Copy of entry stamp for current visit
Copy of I-94 card (both sides)
Letter of Authorization (if not University of Illinois sponsored)