Stephanie Davidson

Associate Director for Research and Instruction
Associate Professor of Library Service


Stephanie is Associate Director of the law library, and teaches legal research in the College of Law. She holds a JD from the University of Notre Dame Law School, and an MLS from Indiana University.

Professor Davidson is nationally recognized for her research and expertise on library systems and services in the hybrid print/electronic. She serves as a member of the Board of Directors of the Legal Information Preservation Alliance (LIPA), and is co-editor of the Vox PopuLII blog, which publishes pieces from scholars and developers on issues relating to legal information and informatics.

Professor Davidson’s research focuses on understanding the research process of legal information scholars and the role of the library in faculty research, including service models for academic law libraries. Her current research addresses possibilities for the use of large document collections through text mining and topic modeling techniques, and the law librarians’ role in facilitating such work by legal scholars.

Professor Davidson also teaches legal materials and law librarianship courses in the iSchool (formerly known as the Graduate School of Library and Information Science) at Illinois.


JD Notre Dame
MLS Indiana University
BA Hope College

Areas of Expertise

Legal Research


Legal Research
Legal Resources
Law Librarianship

Selected Publications

Way Beyond Legal Research: Understanding the Research Habits of Legal Scholars,102 Law Libr. J. 561 (2010).

Legal Research Techniques for the Social Scientist, in Research Methods in Forensic Psychology (B. Rosenfeld ed., 2010) (with Jennifer K. Robbennolt).

Innovations in Providing Access to Research and Knowledge: Directions for Systems Improvements in the Law Library, 27 Legal Reference Services Quarterly 137-163 (2008) (with Scott Matheson). 

The Evolution of Providing Access to Information: The Fall of the Online Catalog,  26 Legal Reference Services Quarterly 57-89 (2007) (with Scott Matheson).