Alec Mandell, JD

I am currently the Treasurer of the Jewish Law Student Association (JLSA), and prior to that position I was a 1L Representative.

During my involvement with this organization, I have had the opportunity to interact with law students from varying class levels. Being involved with students outside of my class helped me learn a lot about the College of Law, all while being involved with people from my same background. I am also currently the Secretary of the Intellectual Property Law Society (IPLS). IPLS taught me a lot about the industry I wanted to join and the minute details that I would not know unless I was able to talk to people within that industry. Finally, I am a member of the engineering campus’ Formula Society of Automotive Engineering Racing Team. In this club we build an open wheel race car, and being part of this organization allows me to still be connected to my engineering background. This group teaches people to work as a team in order to do well, and I like to instill that mindset while at the College of Law.