Jalan Jaskot, JD

I am President of Criminal Law Society, Vice President of If/When/How, Judge Shadow Chair of Women’s Law Society, and a member of American Constitution Society, Public Interest Law Foundation, and Student Legal Relief.

Criminal Law Society has helped me network with students and lawyers in my area of interest, and it has helped me acquire an internship at Champaign County State’s Attorney’s Office. As a 1L I was on the career committee for Women’s Law Society and it gave me the opportunity to talk to judges and make connections that I can use in the future. I know one of the other members of the career committee used her connection to gain a summer placement. Every society I am a member of has helped me meet other students who share the same interests and I have met some of my closest friends at society functions. I also enjoyed all of the speakers the societies sponsored. They helped expand my legal knowledge and gave me a different perspective on important topics.