Lindsey Lusk, JD

When I was a 1L, a 3L took me out for coffee simply because Professor Reynolds asked her to.

Lindsey Lusk portrait

She offered me advice on school, my summer externship, and prepping for On Campus Interviewing (OCI). That was the only time I have ever seen her in person, but she called me often to offer guidance during OCIs, she checks in periodically to see how classes are going, she was the first person to text me and congratulate me on being elected Editor-in-Chief of Law Review, and she texted me recently to ask how I was liking my summer associate position and how JWC grading was going. That kind of commitment to your school and its students, even if you hardly know them, is quintessentially Illinois Law, and it is invaluable. Someone will always be in your corner no matter what stage in your career you are: from 1L to partner. That has been evident throughout my time here, and it is a constant reminder that I chose the best place to study law.