Maira Perez Velazquez, JD

I had been living in California for about four years and I knew I wanted a change, as well as a challenge.

Never before had I lived in the Midwest or far away from my friends and support system. When I applied, I knew very little about Champaign or the city of Urbana so visiting the school during Admitted Students Weekend, ultimately convinced me to enroll. When I showed up to Admitted Students Weekend, I was amazed by the number of faculty that were in attendance. It was not hard to see that the faculty truly cared about the students and loved teaching when they presented on a panel to discuss their expectations and tips for success. I also loved the way Dean Amar taught a class workshop on the freedom of speech because the content went beyond what professors in other law schools presented during admitted student workshops. All of this combined with the career services staff, the financial aid staff and the scholarships I received made it easy for me to choose Illinois Law.