Vikram AmarVikram David AmarDean
Iwan Foundation Professor of Law
JD, Yale Law School

Eric JohnsonAssociate Dean for Academic Affairs
JD, University of Michigan

margareth etienne portraitMargareth EtienneAssociate Dean for Graduate and International Programs
Nancy Snowden Research Scholar in Law
JD, Yale Law School

Jennifer K Robbennolt portraitJennifer K. RobbennoltAssociate Dean for Research
Alice Curtis Campbell Professor of Law
Professor of Psychology
JD, University of Nebraska College of Law


Our Mission

Our mission is to serve as a preeminent site for the study of law, legal institution, and legal culture; to educate our students effectively and comprehensively in legal principles and skills; and to advance justice and the public good.

As an institution, we are committed to:

  • advancing knowledge through research about law, legal institutions, and legal culture, bringing to bear insights from non-legal disciplines and reaching across national and cultural borders in recognition of rising global interdependence and the increasing need for cooperative responses to transnational problems and opportunities;
  • developing in students the substantive legal knowledge, analytic methodologies, practical skills, moral commitments, and temperament necessary to achieve excellence in their professional and civic endeavors;
  • working¬†diligently for beneficial change in the law, legal institutions, and society;
  • finding ways to keep legal education affordable and accessible, so that students have an expansive opportunity to pursue professional studies in law and so that graduates are not unduly constrained by debt in their public service and career options; and
  • assisting students and graduates in developing their full professional potential, in light of changing opportunities and societal needs.

2014-17 College of Law Strategic Plan