Meet Our Students

A few of our current students share their perspectives on the College of Law at Illinois.

Why did you choose Illinois?

Latoya Laing portraitLatoya Laing, JDLaw school is hard enough, but being surrounded by like-minded people who truly care makes it better. Read more.

Mona Li portraitMona Li, JDIllinois is a great choice, whether or not you choose to practice within the state. Read more. 

Zoe SpectorZoe Spector, JDI chose to attend Illinois Law because I have a deep respect for the institution. Read more. 

Jani mikel portraitJani Mikel, JDMy first year was hard, but I did well and ultimately enjoyed it because of my amazing friends and awesome professors. Read more.

Evisa Kambellari portraitEvisa Kambellari, LLMAt Illinois, you feel part of a big family, willing to support you through your academic path. Read more.

Roman Perchyts portraitRoman Perchyts, LLM, JDThe professors and students as well as community members are awesome: open, supportive, and very nice to me. Read more.

How have extracurriculars enhanced your Illinois experience?

Ben Paulsen portraitBen Paulsen, JDI have been able to work side-by-side to plan events and speakers that benefit the entire school. Read more.

Alec Mandell portraitAlec Mandell, JDI have had the opportunity to interact with law students from varying class levels. Read more.

Danika MarcanoDanika Marcano, JDI love being at a Big Ten school. There is a certain spirit that lives on the campus. Read more.

Sam RabuckSamuel Rabuck, JDAs a member of the Corporate and Business Law Association I have had tremendous networking opportunities both with other students and alumni speakers who regularly come to campus. Read more.