Arden Rowell

Professor of Law


Arden Rowell’s research interests revolve around environmental law, risk regulation and human behavior. Recently, her research has focused on bringing interdisciplinary insights into environmental law. This year she published three books: The Psychology of Environmental Law (with Kenworthey Bilz), which explores the relationship between environmental law and psychology, and two companion volumes – A Guide to U.S. Environmental Law and A Guide to EU Environmental Law (with Josephine van Zeben) – which are designed to make environmental law accessible to non-legal readers and to foreign lawyers. Her past scholarly work has been published in law reviews and interdisciplinary journals including Science, the Harvard Environmental Law Review, and the University of Chicago Law Review

Professor Rowell has been a visiting professor at Duke Law School (2018) and Harvard Law School (2015-16) and was a visiting researcher at Oxford University (2015, 2016). In 2015, she also completed a federal detail at the Environmental Protection Agency, and was named a University Scholar through a program at the University of Illinois meant to recognize the university’s “very best teachers and scholars.”

Before joining the Illinois faculty in 2010, Professor Rowell was a Bigelow Fellow and Lecturer in Law at the University of Chicago Law School, from which she also received her J.D. After law school, Professor Rowell practiced at Perkins Coie LLP in Seattle. Professor Rowell has a Bachelor of Arts in anthropology/archaeology, which she earned from the University of Washington at the age of 18. Before law school, she worked as an encyclopedia entry writer and as a video game tester.


JD University of Chicago Law School
BA University of Washington

Areas of Expertise

Administrative Law
Environmental Law and Conservation
Psychology and Law
Tort Law


Administrative Law
Environmental Law and Policy
Law, Behavior & Social Science

Selected Publications

Arden Rowell and Kenworthey Bilz, “The Psychology of Environmental Law” (NYU Press, 2021).

Arden Rowell and Josephine van Zeben, “A Guide to U.S. Environmental Law” (University of California Press, 2021).

Josephine van Zeben and Arden Rowell, “A Guide to EU Environmental Law” (University of California Press, 2021).

Arden Rowell, Valuation in Environmental Law, 97 Notre Dame Law Review __ (forthcoming 2021) (symposium).

Arden Rowell, Ethical Preferences in Regulatory Cost-Benefit Analysis, 18 Georgetown Journal of Law and Public Policy __ (forthcoming 2021) (symposium).

Colleen Murphy and Arden Rowell, “Risk and Autonomy: A Review of John Oberdiek’s Imposing Risk,” 18 Journal of Moral Philosophy __ (forthcoming 2021).

Arden Rowell, Regulating Best-Case Scenarios, 50 Environmental Law __ (forthcoming 2020).

Arden Rowell, Covid-19 and Environmental Law, 50 Environmental Law Reporter 10881 (2020).

Arden Rowell, COVID VSLs and the Undervaluation of Pandemic Risk, The Regulatory Review (August 17, 2020),

Arden Rowell, Using VSLs in State and Local COVID-19 Policy, The Regulatory Review (August 12, 2020),

Arden Rowell, “Behavioral Instruments in Environmental Regulation,” in Policy Instruments in Environmental Law (Edward Elgar) (Ken Richards and Josephine van Zeben, eds.) (2020).

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