Kenworthey Bilz

Professor of Law


Kenworthey Bilz focuses her scholarship on how social psychological processes can inform the study of law. Specifically, she is interested in how legal institutions, laws, rules and practices affect perceptions of legitimacy, morality, and justice, which in turn affect behavior. She draws most of her examples from the area of criminal law and evidence, and empirically tests her theories experimentally, using the theories and methods of social psychology. Before entering law teaching, she clerked for the Honorable Frank Easterbrook on the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit.


MA, PhD Princeton University
JD University of Chicago
AB Harvard College

Areas of Expertise

Criminal Law
Psychology and Law


Criminal Law
Negotiation Skills & Strategy
Psychology & the Law


Selected Publications

Kenworthey Bilz, Testing the Expressive Theory of Punishment (13 J. Emp. Leg. Studies 358, 2016)

Kenworthey Bilz & Janice Nadler, The Regulation of Moral Attitudes (Oxford Handbook of Behavioral Economics, 2013)

Kenworthey Bilz, Dirty Hands or Deterrence?  An Experimental Examination of the Exclusionary Rule, 9 J. Emp. Leg. Studies 149 (2012)


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