Kozo Yabe

Adjunct Professor


Professor Kozo Yabe is a partner and patent attorney of Yuasa & Hara in Tokyo, Japan. Yuasa & Hara is a pioneer firm to combine interdisciplinary practice of international business transaction, intellectual property (litigation and prosecution), and accounting in Japan since 1902. Professor Yabe holds an LLB (1985) from Chuo University in Tokyo and an LLM (1994) from the University of Illinois College of Law. After his two-year legal apprenticeship of the Legal Training & Research Institute of the Supreme Court of Japan, he as an associate joined Yuasa & Hara in 1991 and became a partner in 2001.

He is a board member of the Japan Trademark Association and a member of various international intellectual property entities — AIPPI, AIPLA, INTA, APAA, and ALAI. He teaches Litigation of Industrial Design Law to Japanese patent attorneys who wish to obtain an official Japan Patent Office certificate of representing their clients in infringement cases, in Japan’s Patent Attorney Training Program.

As adjunct faculty, he also teaches Legal Clinic of Intellectual Property Law at Chuo University Law School. At Dai-Ichi Tokyo Bar Association, he is vice chair of the Law School Committee to advise Japanese law schools on legal clinic and other practical programs for law students. He has been primarily practicing in intellectual property, international business transactions, and international litigation. He is the main instructor for the Doing Business in Japan course with other co-instructors, Glenn Newman (JD ’90) of Newman Law Office, Masatoshi Yasunaga (LLM ’88) of Hatasawa & Wakai, and Shunpei Tanaka (LLM ’95) of Nagashima, Ohno & Tsunematsu.

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