Miranda Greene, JD

“I met with one of the Admissions staff, and she told me the Chicago Program was an option for 2nd semester 3Ls, and that it provides a lot of real-world opportunities and externships and focused more on some transaction vs. litigation classes. At the time that meant nothing to me, but as I got more confident in what I wanted to do this was definitely the right track.

I think just being in the city provides a different outlook to school in the first place because you’re surrounded by people who aren’t in law school, so your frame of thinking is beyond a classroom setting, which I think is really valuable. I can walk down the street and see things that are going on in Chicago and be able to bring that back to class and say, “In this real-world example, here’s what we were just talking about last week and here’s how I saw it in my real life,” which I think is really nice.”