Oluwakemi Adeyemi, LLM

“I was drawn to the College of Law for the ability to choose my courses based on my need, which was to understand how laws and policies of governments can be structured to ensure private enterprises flourish.

My choice was made easier by the reputation of Champaign-Urbana as one of the best college cities to live in and Krannert Centre for the Performing Arts (KCPA). Through my work with KCPA, I gained practical experience setting up an event and dealing with logistics, lighting, legal issues, and so on. I have also volunteered as a Peer Advocate with the Office of Students Conflict Resolution, helping students resolve disputes through alternative dispute resolution mechanisms and helping set up the Peer Advocate program. Working with the Office of Students Conflict Resolution helped me appreciate how much effort UIUC puts into ensuring its students have the best experience. Like my work with conflict resolution, I’ve found that no idea shared by any student is ever wasted at Illinois Law, and that is the most amazing thing about being a student here. Professors actively encourage students to share their perspectives, which encourages critical thinking and allows students see and appreciate the question from the point of view of varying perspectives and backgrounds.”