Meet Our Students

A few of our current students share their perspectives on the College of Law at Illinois.

Oluwakemi Adeyemi portrait Oluwakemi Adeyemi, LLMNo idea shared by any student is ever wasted at Illinois Law. Read more.

Marya Alizahi portrait Marya Alizahi, LLMI was able to meet people from all over the world and I have learned so much. Read more.

Iyana Alleyne portrait Iyana Alleyne, JDI had never been to the Midwest or lived in the Midwest — I’m from a super small island — but I still found a way to make this place home. Read more.

Oluwakemi Adeyemi portrait Joshua Dela Pena, JDEveryone’s just so friendly, even the faculty. I’ve definitely felt supported. I think that’s important, being a first-generation law student. Read more.

Miranda Greene portraitMiranda Greene, JDI think just being in the city provides a different outlook to school in the first place because you’re surrounded by people who aren’t in law school. Read more. 

Rama Hamad portraitRama Hamad, JDMy friends that are in my classes, I love to learn from them. Both classmates and professors, they’re always willing to help when questions come up. Read more. 

Bakhtawar Mirjat portraitBakhtawar Mirjat, JDI really like the classes in the Chicago Program, they are definitely really practice-heavy and focused, and just the experience of the attorneys that are teaching us is really interesting in the insights that they share. Read more. 

Srinithi Narayanan portraitSrinithi Narayanan, JDIt’s a different perspective to get about the law – the professors teach you through examples from their day to day, rather than just case law. Read more. 

Mariana Renke portraitMariana Renke, JDStudents actually communicate with each other here…it’s actually really collaborative, probably more than I expected. Read more. 

Alanna Román Abreu portraitAlanna Román Abreu, LLMOne of the things I liked the most was how much the school cares about students and how much effort they put into making you feel at home. Read more. 

Sarah Shamsi portraitSarah Shamsi, JDSomething I’ve really found to be true here: people will be there for you and willing to help you. Read more. 

Jake Tennant portraitJake Tennant, JDI would definitely recommend the Chicago Program to other students – it’s probably been the highlight of my law school experience. Read more. 

Patrobas Wafula portraitPatrobas Sirabo Wafula, LLMIn class, there is such a complimentary spirit, as opposed to an adversarial or competitive spirit, and everyone is looking to mutually grow and support each other. Read more.