Meet Our Students

A few of our current students share their perspectives on the College of Law at Illinois.

Domonique Abrantes portraitDomonique Abrantes, JDI participated in the Client Counseling Competition my second semester of law school. Read more. 

Oluwakemi Adeyemi portrait Oluwakemi Adeyemi, LLMNo idea shared by any student is ever wasted at Illinois Law. Read more.

Marya Alizahi portrait Marya Alizahi, LLMI was able to meet people from all over the world and I have learned so much. Read more.

Nayeli CadenasNayeli Cadenas, JDI decided to attend Illinois Law because of the opportunities the school provides its students to gain experience. Read more. 

Jihan Dubose portraitJihan Dubose, JDThe College of Law is a legal community. The faculty here truly care about the students as legal scholars and as human beings, as evidenced by the College’s response to the pandemic. Read more.

Shivani Govani portraitShivani Govani, JDMy involvement in the Immigration Law Clinic has reaffirmed my passion for the law and my desire to help others through providing pro bono services. Read more. 

MaryAllison Mahacek portraitMaryAllison Mahacek, JDI chose to attend Illinois Law not only because of the academics, but because of the camaraderie and support I felt when I did my tour here at the school. Read more. 

Claire McNally portraitClaire McNally, JDYou will make friends that will last a lifetime (and send you clients)! Read more. 

Ashley Morris portraitAshley Morris, JDGiven the quality of the education and the price, I couldn’t go wrong with choosing to transfer to the University of Illinois. Read more. 

Danny Oster portraitDanny Oster, JDI have been very fortunate to be able to attend the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and be a part of their larger community, where my physical disability is readily accepted and embraced. Read more. 

Angelica Parilli portraitAngelica Parrilli, JDThe law school truly cares about us and that was exemplified by all the professors, deans, and even the TAs! This was an extremely difficult year, but I never felt alone and I always felt heard. Read more. 

Alanna Román Abreu portraitAlanna Román Abreu, LLMOne of the things I liked the most was how much the school cares about students and how much effort they put into making you feel at home. Read more. 

Isabelle Ruiz portraitIsabelle Ruiz, JDI participated in the ABA Negotiation Competition which is something that normally would have been out of my comfort zone, but it was an amazing experience. Read more. 

Jeronimo Simonovis portraitJeronimo Simonovis, JDDuring my time at Illinois, I have been involved in SBA (Events Coordinator), OUTLaw (President), and LLSA (Treasurer). Read more. 

Tyler Smith portraitTyler Smith, JDThe summer of 2020 I worked remotely for Legal Council for Health Justice, which used to be called AIDS Legal Council. The agency is based in Chicago, and I received a PILI grant as part of my job offer. Read more. 

Patrobas Wafula portraitPatrobas Sirabo Wafula, LLMIn class, there is such a complimentary spirit, as opposed to an adversarial or competitive spirit, and everyone is looking to mutually grow and support each other. Read more.