Public Interest

As part of the State’s land-grant university, Illinois Law is committed to training the next generation of public interest and government lawyers. From loan repayment assistance, fellowships, and specific scholarships, to a career counselor devoted entirely to public interest, Illinois Law offers significant resources and support for students aspiring to careers in the public sector.

Government and Law

Course Offerings

Administrative Law
Counter Terrorism Law and Policy
Civil Procedure
Constitutional Law
Criminal Procedure: Adjudication
Criminal Procedure: Investigations
Environmental Law
Federal Courts
Illinois Constitutional Law and Politics
Immigration Law
Labor Law
Labor Law and Public Policy
Privacy and Security Law
Representative Government in the State of Illinois
The Legal Cultures of Early America
The Reconstruction Amendments

Clinics, Professional Training, and Extracurriculars

Federal Civil Rights Clinic

Affiliated Faculty

Vikram Amar (Constitutional Law, Federal Courts, Civil Procedure)
Francis Boyle (Constitutional Law, Human Rights, US Foreign Affairs)
Jason Mazzone (Constitutional Law)
Michael Moore (Constitutional Law)
Arden Rowell (Administrative Law)
Jamelle Sharpe (Administrative Law, Civil Procedure, Federal Courts)
Suja Thomas (Constitutional Law, Civil Procedure, Civil Litigation, Federal Courts, Juries)

Family Law, Health Law, and Torts

Course Offerings

Advanced Trial Advocacy: Civil Trial
Advanced Trial Advocacy: Criminal Trial
Elder Law
Health Law Practice
Immigration Law
Juvenile Law
Trial Advocacy/ Fundamentals of Trial Practice
Trial Team

Clinics, Professional Training, and Extracurriculars

Elder Law Journal
Family Advocacy Clinic
Immigration Law Clinic
Veterans Legal Clinic

Affiliated Faculty

Melissa Frydman (Family Law)
Richard Kaplan (Elder Law, Health Law, Retirement Plans)
Jennifer Robbennolt (Tort Law)
Richard Ross (Wills, Estates, and Trusts)
Arden Rowell (Tort Law)
Robin Fretwell Wilson (Family Law, Health Law, Insurance Law)

Public Interest Fellowships

The Public Interest Fellowship Program is designed to launch new graduates into careers as public interest and government lawyers. Fellowships range from 12-18 months and offer new graduates unique opportunities to pursue careers as prosecutors, public defenders, assistant attorneys general, municipal law attorneys, in-house counsel, and legal aid attorneys across the United States. Fellows build important skills while serving our fellow citizens. Learn more.

Loan Repayment Assistance Program

The College of Law is committed to encouraging its graduates to pursue public interest careers. Because the burden of law school debt can hinder students from choosing careers in public service, government, and non-profit organizations, we have created the Loan Repayment Assistance Program (LRAP). LRAP offers partial loan forgiveness to qualifying applicants. Learn more about eligibility for LRAP and apply