Criminal Law

From Albert J. Harno to Charles Bowman to Wayne LaFave, the University of Illinois College of Law has long enjoyed a strong presence in the field of criminal law and procedure. The College’s curriculum in criminal law and criminal procedure begins with the required first-year course, Criminal Law, where students study the development of the substantive criminal law and problems related to its application in modern society. Advanced criminal law courses are geared to students who wish to pursue careers that handle criminal cases or are interested in public policy issues surrounding the criminal process.

Courses to build your case

We help shape the minds of our students the same way a case is built: with strong foundations and substantive material. An education in criminal law begins during a student’s first semester, with Criminal Law, which provides a comprehensive view of modern criminal code. Advanced courses allow students to shape their education in the way they wish, whether that is through Criminal PracticeCounter Terrorism Law and Policy, or Cyber Security and the Legal System (which is part of The Chicago Program). A full list of courses is available online

in the courtroom and beyond

Coursework provides the basis for a successful criminal law career, but application helps prepare students for those careers. With opportunities with the State Appellate Defender, Legal Externships, and in the Federal Civil Rights Clinic, students can use analytical thinking, problem-solving, research, pre-trial and trial skills, negotiation, and other critical skills that help set them up for real-world success.

Experienced Faculty

Our faculty bring years of experience to the classroom, giving students a wealth of information and proficiency to draw from. Faculty members with expertise in criminal law include:

Kenworthey Bilz (Criminal Law, Evidence, Juries)
Margareth Etienne (Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, Sentencing)
Heidi Hurd (Criminal Law)
Eric Johnson (Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, Evidence)
Patrick Keenan (International Criminal Law)
Andrew Leipold (Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, Juries)
Michael Moore (Criminal Law)
Jacqueline Ross (Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, Evidence)
Suja Thomas (Juries)