Joint Degrees

The legal field’s interrelation with other academic disciplines has increasingly characterized legal scholarship and teaching in recent decades. Capitalizing on the University’s depth of resources, the College of Law collaborates with University graduate departments to offer multiple joint degree programs. While students must apply for admission to both programs and receive pre-approval from each department, those departments will recognize a number of credits from the corresponding program to allow students to earn both degrees in a shorter period of time.

Secondary Field of Study Joint Degrees Conferred
Computer Science J.D. – M.C.S.
Human Resources and Industrial Relations J.D. – M.H.R.I.R.
Journalism J.D. – M.S.
Library and Information Science J.D. – M.S./L.I.S.
Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences J.D. – M.S.
Political Science J.D. – Ph.D; J.D. – M.A.
Urban Planning J.D. – M.U.P.
Interdisciplinary Study – any other degree program J.D. – Master’s or Ph.D.

Interdisciplinary Coursework

While the College of Law course offerings are so varied that it would take a student more than a decade to sample all of them, students interested in related subjects outside the law school may receive up to six hours of credit for approved graduate-level study in another discipline. This flexibility allows students to complement their legal education with advanced coursework in top-ranked University departments like accounting, engineering, computer science, and social work. Pre-approval is required.

JD Application