Library Use Policies

Food and Drink

Please do not eat or smoke in the Library. People with food will be asked to leave. There are lounge and cafeteria areas elsewhere in the law school for eating, but smoking is prohibited throughout the Law Building. Beverages are allowed; covered containers are preferred.

Cell Phone Usage

The use of cell phones in the Library is prohibited.

Lost and Found

Check the lost and found in the Dean’s Suite for personal items lost in the Library. The Library is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Please do not leave computers or other valuable items unattended. Library staff will not supervise your belongings under any circumstances.

Library Seating and Carrels

Individuals may not reserve library tables and materials. Tables in the current journals area may be reserved for one-time or ongoing use by College of Law journal organizations only.

Library materials left overnight on tables may be removed and reshelved; we do not honor “Save” or “Do Not Disturb” requests.

Law students, faculty, and other patrons using the collection will be accommodated ahead of patrons not using law materials.

Scanning Services

There are no printers or copiers available at the library. There is a scanner, however, so that patrons may make copies for themselves and have them delivered to their e-mail address.


U.S. Supreme Court records and briefs, Illinois General Assembly debates, back issues of legal newspapers, federal documents, and foreign publications are just some of the materials available on microform. Lists by cabinet/drawer number and by title are on top of the cabinets in the microforms room on the lower level.

One microform reader-scanner is located in the microforms room. Files should be saved to a usb memory stick – patrons must provide their own, as the library does not loan these. In the event that a memory stick is not available, files can be saved to the desktop and emailed, provided that the file is not too large. For assistance with the microforms machine, please see a reference librarian.