Law 792:  Advanced Legal Research: Business Law

Students will develop practitioner-oriented, advanced research methods and techniques to address legal issues relating to the formation and maintenance of business entities and going commercial concerns through a close investigation of subscription and freely-available databases beyond basic Westlaw Edge and Lexis+. These resources will include including specialized databases within each of those platforms as well as Lexis Securities Mosaic, ProQuest Congressional and ProQuest Legislative Insight, various state and federal government websites, and other databases as determined by student interest. Required: A thorough grasp of legal research principles and processes, ability to utilize basic resources within Westlaw Edge and Lexis+, and familiarity with Boolean search terminology and logic. Legal research on tax issues is excluded from the scope of this course, although tax-specific resources will be identified.  

Sequence and Prerequisites: Successful completion of Law 609: Legal Writing & Analysis and Law 627: Legal Research.

Evaluation: Take-home examination

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