Law 792:  Advanced Legal Research: Illinois Legal Research

This is a specialized research course which builds off prior research experiences to develop the more specific skills needed to be a successful legal researcher in Illinois. Students will be introduced to, and practice with, the structure of Illinois primary resources, as well as traditional and practioner-oriented secondary sources-- both in print and electronic forms. Students will also enhance current research skills and conventions (such as how to find, choose, and cite to appropriate authority; how to evaluate legal resources; the ethical use of information in the law; and the legal research process) in the context of Illinois law.

Sequence and Prerequisites: Legal Research

EvaluationThe final course grade will be based on a take-home final exam. In addition, students must complete several pass/fail out-of-class assignments and attend and participate in all class sessions. These components are not graded, but failing to complete them satisfactorily will result in a reduced or failing grade for the course.

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