Advanced Trial Advocacy - Criminal Trial Section

Students are paired into firms and pitted against one another in a one-day jury trial over which a sitting Illinois judge presides.  The course emphasizes pretrial case development and practice, including the drafting of charging instruments, motions addressing bail and discovery, and other pretrial motion practice.  Student attorneys prepare for and attend all necessary pretrial proceedings for arraignment, bail, preliminary hearings, and hearings on motions filed.  The criminal case file is developed through all pretrial stages to the final pretrial conference, including identifying witnesses and exhibits and preparing jury instructions.  Trial Advocacy faculty members supervise all phases of the student attorneys’ pretrial work.  All pretrial work is completed prior to spring break, and the course culminates in jury trials that occur either immediately before or immediately after spring break. 

Sequence and Prerequisite: Trial Advocacy (Fall), Fundamentals of Trial Practice, and Evidence.

Evaluation:  Students are evaluated based on performance on course assignments and simulations.