Law 797:  AI and the Law

Increasingly, the world is seeing a rise in many applications of enhanced computing and predictive capabilities. Lawyers need to be at the forefront of this revolution. This course examines a broad range of legal and policy challenges posed by artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and other emergent technologies.

 Through assigned readings, weekly discussion, and engagement with experts, students will explore the many promises and perils of AI. Students will engage with AI scholars and lawyers as the class explores issues raised by the intersection of algorithms and law on privacy and surveillance, ethics, and national security, bias and discrimination, and the implications for courts, agency oversight, lawyers, and society.

Sequence and Prerequisites:  None. No prior scientific background is required; merely a willingness to learn.

Evaluation: 1) Participation,  2) Three Critical Analyses. The bulk of your grade will consist of your performance on three 5-page critical analyses., 3) Most weeks you do not have a Critical Analysis due (~10 weeks), you will be required to submit a 700-900 word critical analysis (around one page) related to the readings for the week.  

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