Law 793:  CFI: Interviewing, Counseling and Fact Investigation

"CFI" teaches essential skills for attorneys include client interviewing (seeking information), counseling (advising and sometimes conveying information clients may not wish to hear) and seeking facts from witnesses ranging from the friendly to the hostile. Effective and professional conduct of these activities requires a broad range of knowledge and skills from the ethical to a working knowledge of the literatures on communication, cognition and psychosocial interactions. CFI is a problem-based simulation course. Students read and master theory and information from a variety of disciplines and synthesize that information and put it into practice in a variety of simulated interactions with clients. Guest speakers from other disciplines (such as law enforcement) will interact with students. CFI fits naturally as the first of a sequence of theory-based skills courses. The focus on investigation naturally precedes Trial Advocacy, the Clinics, and Negotiation. This course has restricted drop date for pairing purposes. Please Note: This course requires a video recorded pre-interview with a mock client to be completed before the first class. Full information, including scheduling information and facts for the pre-interview are provided the week before classes begin, with opportunities for completing the interview from Friday through Tuesday (including weekend times) before the first class meeting.

Sequence and Prerequisites: None.

Evaluation: Assessment is based on a combination of written analysis and demonstration of skills through video recorded performances.

Course Classification: Simulation

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