Law 794:  Corporate Reorganizations

In this course, we will study the law governing the restructuring of businesses experiencing financial distress, focusing principally upon chapter 11 of the federal Bankruptcy Code. Students interested in bankruptcy or business law generally will find the course most useful. Because of the comprehensive nature of business restructurings, though, nearly every area of the law intersects with the corporate reorganization process in some fashion, and thus, an understanding of corporate reorganizations is helpful in virtually any practice area. Coursework will consist of assigned readings and problems that will facilitate classroom discussions.

Note, this course is not offered every academic year.  Typically, it is offered on only a biennial basis (once every two years).

Sequence and Prerequisite: Bankruptcy (Law 629) is a prerequisite.

Evaluation: Grades in this class will be based upon participation (15%) and three projects: (1) two briefs and oral arguments (55%), and (2) a judicial opinion (30%).

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