Law 792:  Cybersecurity and the Legal System

This seminar explores how government and private actors are addressing the rapidly-evolving challenges of cybercrime and cybersecurity within the context of the legal system. Students will develop a basic understanding of the nature of computer crime and the cybersecurity problem; the legal, investigative, and technological tools used to combat computer crime, as well as the challenges they pose for privacy rights and constitutional principles; government efforts to improve cybersecurity through regulation; the growing private sector cybersecurity infrastructure; and how the legal system is adapting to allocate the risks and financial burdens posed by cybercrime. Students will learn to identify a wide range of client problems relating to cybersecurity and how they can help clients address those challenges. Case studies and problem sets will be used to illustrate the issues addressed in the course.

Sequence and Prerequisites: None

Evaluation: Grades will be based on class participation (20%) and a take-home final examination (80%).



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