Law 794:  Doing Business in Latin America

For Latin America to grow, capital and investment are essential.  In the last decades, US lawyers have played critical roles in bringing some of the largest Latin American companies to market, issuing and, at times, restructuring billions of dollars of debt in the region, financing massive infrastructure projects, advising on mergers and acquisitions and influencing corporate law and governance. 

The goal of this survey class is to familiarize students with issues arising in a cross-border business practice.  We will look at transaction documents in depth and consider select topics in light of the effect on capital raising and investment.  We will touch on issues such as sovereign debt and restructuring, ESG financings and greenwashing,  problems of corruption in the region and US sanctions in relation to Cuba and Venezuela.  

Guest practitioners from the region may join us for some of the discussions.  Students are expected to read the materials and come with questions.  

Some of the topics are complex but are accessible and understandable based on the readings and class lectures.  I encourage students who have an interest in the material but who might not have a background in finance or business to ask questions in class or during daily office hours. 

Sequences and Prerequisites:  None. Students need not have any prior familiarity with Latin America or language skills.  An interest in the region, the subject matter, comparative law or cross border legal work suffices.  Prior or simultaneous courses in securities regulation or corporations  may be helpful but not required.

 Evaluation:  In class exam (80%) and class attendance and participation (20%). 

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