Law 792:  Genomics and the Law

Since the first sequencing of the human genome—the total of genetic code found in a human—the use of genomic data has proven challenging for lawyers, ethicists, and policy makers alike. This course is designed to explore these challenges at a high level across a variety of legal fields, including criminal law, FDA regulation, health law, intellectual property, medical practice, national security, privacy, and reproductive rights, among others. While the course will focus on genomics’ legal implications, the course is designed to engage graduate students from a wide variety of disciplines across campus. A technical background is not necessary for the course, but an interest in genomics and law is needed. The course will principally use a coursepack, as well as handouts and topical materials as they may arise during the semester. The course will also draw upon the university’s resources in genomics, including guest lectures from university and visiting faculty, as well as those of the Institute for Genomic Biology.

Sequence and Prerequisites: None

Evaluation: Final paper

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