Law 794:  International Bankruptcy

This course focuses on how different countries and regions deal with the increasingly complex problems of distressed multi-national companies. Topics range from the different approaches to insolvencies across the US and Canada, Latin America, western Europe, Japan and China, to managing cross-border cases, recognition by US courts of foreign insolvency proceedings, and the use of US Chapter 11 by foreign companies. 

The course will be presented online by distinguished lecturers from around the world. After the lecture we will continue for an additional 30 minute discussion that will briefly discuss the evening’s topic, and preview the most important areas of focus for the next week’s session.

The required reading for each session includes one or more questions that illustrate particular subjects covered in the material. Each week, one of the participating schools is called upon to answer these questions during the lectures. However, for grading purposes you will be expected to prepare answers every week.

Sequence and Prerequisites:  None.

Evaluation:  Grading will be based on a 25 page paper.

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