Law 654:  International Trade Policy

The course in International Trade is an introductory level course that includes 1) a brief introduction to economic principles used to analyze international trade; 2) an analysis of national, regional and international systems of international trade regulation, focusing on the U.S., EU and the WHO/GATT; and 3) a study of the types and operation of import restraints and export controls. The latter topic takes up about 60% of the course.

The course complements the course in International Business Transactions (Law 653), which deals primarily with the structuring and financing of international business transactions, and the course in International Law, which deals primarily with non-commercial matters. An attempt will be made to coordinate the coverage of the course with that of International Business Transactions (Law 653) so as to provide a comprehensive sequence dealing with legal issues raised by international commerce.

Sequence and Prerequisites: None

Evaluation: The exam will be a take-home exam – it will be distributed at the end of classes and will be due March 15. I reserve the right to adjust grades for class performance and/or attendance.

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