Law 301:  Introduction to Law for Undergraduates, General Education

Offered to undergraduates to satisfy the General Education criteria in Historical and Philosophical Perspectives, Law 301: Introduction to Law offers the fundamentals of law and legal reasoning with an exploration of the law as a tool for social engineering. It's a great primer for those interested in law school.

FALL 2018
3 credit hours
Professor Jennifer Pahre

1:00 - 1:50 p.m. 
134 Temple Hoyne Buell Hall

Full Course Description

Law 301: Introduction to Law guides the undergraduate student in an initial study of law and legal reasoning. It covers the nature and function of rules/law, the distinctiveness of legal reasoning, and the way in which law responds to social phenomena and contributes to the development of different social, business and economic institutions. Covering both criminal and civil proceedings, the course serves as a general foundation for those interested in applying to law school. It is also of interest to students who are not interested in pursuing a more formal law education, but for whom general legal training will enhance their career aspirations - students will develop skills that are transferable to virtually any career.

This course satisfies the General Education Criteria for Historical and Philosophical Perspectives (UIUC: Hist&Philosoph Perspect)

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