Law 798:  Labor Law and Public Policy

Students will be asked to take up a topic that, in the time and space available, will address a pressing legal issue in any aspect of labor or employment law.  The students will be asked to submit a work in progress for class presentation and discussion.  The final paper should be approximately twenty-five to thirty-five pages in length, more or less, and should present a comprehensive treatment of the issue and argue for a specific resolution.

Some suggested topics will be listed by the instructor at the end of November, but students are strongly encouraged to propose topics of particular interest to them.  Students enrolled before the commencement of instruction should start on their research in advance of the commencement of class, to get a grasp on the issue.  Those who will not have decided to take the course until the commencement of class will have to work to catch up.  All topics will require the approval of the instructor. 

A further set of policy issues apart from those being researched will be addressed in class at the beginning of the semester.  Likely to be discussed are: the minimum wage; wage theft; the waiver of participation in group arbitrations over employment issues; and more depending upon enrollment.

Sequence and Prerequisites:  None.

Evaluation: Research Paper. Upper Level Writing credit will be available for any paper receiving the grade of a B+ or higher.


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