Legal Externships

Externships are designed to expose 2L and 3L students to practical aspects of lawyering by allowing students to earn academic credit for performing legal work under the supervision of lawyers or judges at approved non-profit organizations, governmental agencies, and courts. Students will complete assignments including interviewing clients and witnesses; researching legal questions; preparing legal documents such as pleadings, discovery motions, and briefs; and, in some instances, trying cases.

Students must have their externships approved by the College of Law's Externship Director before beginning work. Students earn one ungraded credit hour for 60 hours of work. Students with placements in Illinois may enroll up to 4 credits, while students with placements outside Illinois may enroll up to 3 credits, unless special approval is sought from the Director. Students must work for the same agency for at least 120 hours or 2 credits (minimum) during a single semester. No credit will be allowed unless the minimum hour limitation is satisfied in a single semester. There is a 9 credit hour maximum for the number of credits students may earn over their entire law school experience, with only 4 credit hours being available in any one semester. The maximum and minimum credit hour limits are strictly enforced.  Finally, students may receive reasonable reimbursement of externship-related expenses for housing, travel, transportation, etc. up to $1500/credit hour.

For more information, please visit the Externship page on the intranet.

Sequence and Prerequisites: Successful completion of all first year required courses.

Evaluation: In addition to meeting the hourly work requirements, students must complete a course component and satisfactorily complete all course assignments, which may include periodic time reports, self-assessments, reflection papers, class discussions, and a final evaluation of the externship experience.