Law 696:  Legal Problems--Law Journals

Preparation of articles and notes for publication in the University of Illinois Law Review; Elder Law Journal; Journal of Law, Technology and Policy; or Illinois Law Update section of the Illinois Bar Journal. May be repeated up to maximums set forth below.

Sequence and Prerequisites:

1. Law Review, Elder Law Journal, and the Journal of Law, Technology and Policy (“JLTP”)

Membership in the University of Illinois Law Review, Elder Law Journal, or JLTP is by invitation only, based on the results of the journal writing competition. Only 2L and 3L students are eligible for selection, and only students who have been selected for these journals may register for credit. Student members receive 1 hour of ungraded academic credit for each semester in which they successfully complete their membership requirements; members of the editorial board of each journal receive 2 hours of ungraded credit for the semesters in which they are editorial board members.

2. Illinois Law Update

This feature, which is written by students and published in the Illinois Bar Journal, summarizes and briefly analyzes major developments of interest to Illinois practitioners from the following five sources:

- The Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals

- The Illinois Supreme Court

- The Illinois Appellate Courts

- The Illinois General Assembly

- Major Illinois State Administrative Agencies

In general, all 1L or 2L students who received a grade of A- or higher in Legal Writing and Analysis or Legal Research will be invited to apply for a staff position on ILU for the Fall semester following the successful completion of their first year. Final staff selections will be by the current ILU editorial board. Staff members receive one hour of academic credit each semester for their work on ILU. Editorial Board members receive two hours of credit for each semester of work. Therefore, a student may accumulate up to 6 hours of academic credit for work on ILU (two as a staff member, four as an editorial board member).

Work on the ILU does not count toward meeting the upper-level writing requirement.

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