Law 793:  Negotiation Skills and Strategies


This course will combine theory and practice to improve a student’s understanding of the negotiation process and will strengthen self-awareness and understanding of what makes each student an effective (and at times an ineffective) negotiator.  The course will begin by covering the basic concepts of negotiation theory before progressing to more advanced skills and techniques relevant to effective preparation, decision-making, persuasion, communication, and problem-solving. 

This three-credit-hour course is scheduled for 2.5 hours of in-person class time per week.  Courses will typically involve a mix of lecture, case studies, negotiation exercises, and debriefing sessions.  Students will receive significant hands-on experience negotiating in different environments and will be encouraged to experiment beyond their current comfort zones as negotiators.  


There will be readings, exercises, simulations, reflective prompted journals and discussion problems or other assignments each week.  Based on the experiential nature of the in-class exercises, regular attendance is critical to a student’s success. 


The course is offered on a pass-fail basis and the final grades will be based on the following considerations (final weighting will be provided in Course Syllabus)

-          Class participation & attendance (40%)                                 

-          Periodic and final journal entries (40%)                                                            

-          Out-of-class preparation - readings, simulations and assignments (20%)               

Sequence and Prerequisites: None

Course Classification:  Experiential

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