Law 793:  Negotiation Skills and Strategies

Students will develop a theoretical and practical understanding of the four phases of the negotiation process and apply that understanding to scenarios involving transactional and disputed matters.  Through lecture, simulations, and critical self-analysis of simulation results, students will explore what constitutes a client-satisfactory agreement and why negotiations often result in impasse. 

Prerequisites: None

Evaluation:  Your grade will be based on the following components:

1. Class participation (20%). This will be based on 1) your prompt and full attendance in each class, 2) your careful preparation for and execution of each exercise, and 3) the quality of your contributions to class discussions. For many exercises, you will be expected to submit a preparation worksheet before class. Details on this appear below, and will be discussed at the first class meeting. During class discussions, you are expected to share your experience in the negotiation exercise as well as incorporate ideas from lectures and from the readings. As described above, missing a class will result in a full letter deduction from your final course grade, for each failure.

2. Preparation Worksheets (20%). Failing to turn in a worksheet (late submissions not accepted) will count as two “zeroes” instead of just one—this is because a failure to prepare impedes not only your ability to learn, but at least one other person’s, as well. Details below.

3. Post-Negotiation Analysis (30%). You are required to submit three Post-Negotiation Analyses, which count 10% each. Details appear below.

4. Real World Negotiation Analysis (30%). You are required to submit one Real World Negotiation Analysis at the end of the course.

Course Classification: Simulation


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