Law 797:  Patent Research and Strategy

Innovative corporations and individuals depend on high-quality patent research in order to develop, maintain, and strategize their intellectual property portfolio.  Actionable research drives internal legal and business decisions, including patent protection, licensing, and enforcement, due diligence, and litigation strategies.  This practical course introduces students to methods on conducting and evaluating patent searches involving a variety of technical areas, and analyzing the results from a legal and market competition perspective.  Students will be exposed to advanced patent research techniques and several leading patent research platforms in order to evaluate the critically analyze and access the quality of patent research results.  

Sequence and Prerequisites: Prior completion or concurrent enrollment in Law 645, Patent Law is required.

Evaluation: Students will be tasked to understand and perform exercises such as patentability assessment, freedom to operate analysis, and invalidity examinations. Other topics will include patent landscape analysis, portfolio assessment and competitive intelligence insights from patent data. Students will be evaluated based on assignments throughout the semester.  There will be no final course examination.

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