Law 797:  Patent Research and Strategy

This practical course introduces students to methods of conducting and evaluating patent research across a variety of technical areas and analyzing the results from a legal and market competition perspective. Students will receive training on advanced patent research techniques, including new advances in AI.   A key goal of the class is to train students to understand and critically analyze results to deliver high quality, actionable insights. Furthermore, Students will master routine searches that inform patent prosecution, transactional, litigation and business-related objectives. Searches that we will learn include; patentability, freedom to operate and invalidity. Other topics will include patent landscape analysis, portfolio assessment, patent valuation and competitive intelligence insights from patent data. The course may also include guest speakers to expound on practical perspectives on the strategic use of patent information.

Sequence and Prerequisites: None

Evaluation: Assessments will include assignments and two take home examinations: midterm and final. 

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