Law 792:  Real Estate Transactions

This course examines the legal fundamentals of real estate transactions.  During the semester we study legal concepts in a real estate transactional setting that incorporates traditional course materials, case studies, real life transactions, and guest lectures designed to provide a practical “hands-on” approach to real estate law.  We explore a broad range of current sophisticated real estate transactions relating to residential and commercial purchases, sales, leasehold interests, common interest communities, ownership, financing, brokerage, land use and development. In navigating through multiple real estate transactions, students are engaged in detailed discussions concerning real estate contracts, required disclosures related to physical conditions of real property, deed forms, manner of taking title, descriptions of real property and the closing process.   We also discuss the legal implications that contractual private and legislative public restrictions have on individuals’ real property rights and discuss public policy arguments related to private owners’ legal rights. 

Real Estate Transactions is the core course in the real estate law curriculum.  

Sequence and Prerequisites: None

Evaluation: Course grades will be based on a combination of Transaction Document Preparation (25% of grade) and Final Exam (75% of grade). Grades may be positively influenced by preparation for and participation in class discussions and negatively influenced by poor attendance or lack of preparation.

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