Law 798:  Sports Law Seminar

This three credit course (with 100 minutes of in-class time and two meetings with the professor, one of approximately 60 minutes length and the other of approximately 30 minutes length) will cover several different areas of sports and the law, including contracts (which will include relationships with agents), torts, discrimination, labor, antitrust, Olympic sports, doping, and the NCAA. 

Sequence and Prerequisites: None

Evaluation: Grading for this course will be based on a paper on a topic, a second paper regarding an extensive interview of a sports and the law figure (chosen and arranged by the student), and class participation. There are several expectations for the class in addition to preparing and participating in class. First, students will significantly prepare for the interview, including discussing their proposed interview questions with the professor. At the beginning of the semester, students will need to do much work to arrange and prepare for the interview. Students will also need to submit the paper regarding the interview in the first half of the semester. Second, during the last five weeks of the course, students will present their draft topic papers to the class.  The draft papers will be distributed in advance to the class and will be reviewed during individual meetings with the professor. The final topic paper will be due at the end of the first week of exams.

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