Law 694:  Trial Advocacy (Graduate Students)

This course emphasizes learning by doing and focuses on experiential learning and is specifically designed for LLM and graduate law students. The students will be guided in the development of trial skills to help students identify their own courtroom personality and style.  The course will cover the entire trial process from jury selection, opening statements, direct and cross-examination, admitting evidence, evidentiary objections and responses, expert testimony, closing arguments, the use of technology in the courtroom and the use of pre-trial, trial and post judgment motions. The course will also integrate how the rules of evidence and rules of procedure are inextricably intertwined with trial practice and the ability of an attorney to protect the record for appeal. The primary focus of the LLM/Graduate Trial Advocacy course is to prepare students so they will be comfortable if the need should arise to enter a courtroom to argue a motion or try a case. Trial Advocacy allows students to gain exposure to key elements of any legal career by understanding the trial process. The course also will help students develop their communication and presentation skills."  

Prerequisites:  None

Evaluation Method: Because this course emphasizes "learning by doing" attendance will be required. Grading will be largely subjective based on the Professors evaluation of the student's preparation for and presentation of specific assignments. Student improvement over the semester will factor in significantly to the final grade.

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