Law 694:  Trial Advocacy for Graduate Students: Civil Cases with Labor and Employment Law Emphasis

Trial Advocacy is a course about trial skills. To develop and to use the fundamental skills of a trial lawyer, students complete a series of assigned problems, perform in the courtroom setting, and prepare and complete a trial. 

Students will understand what it takes to become a good trial lawyer by using a combination of their own personality and courtroom style, the attained understanding of trial skills, a bit of common sense and lots of experience. Trial Advocacy provides a first step towards developing these qualities.

LLM students will receive instruction in case analysis, issue recognition, witness preparation, courtroom presentations in the areas of direct and cross examination, foundations to admit exhibits, expert witnesses, expert witnesses, jury selection, opening statements and closing arguments. Only civil case file materials will be used in LLM Trial Advocacy.

Sequence and Prerequisites: None

Evaluation: Because this course emphasizes "learning by doing" attendance will be required. Grading will be largely subjective based on the Professors evaluation of the student's preparation for and presentation of specific assignments. Student improvement over the semester will factor in significantly to the final grade.

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