Trial Team

Trial Team is an ungraded (credit/no credit) experiential Advanced Trial Advocacy course conducted in the fall (two hours) and spring (two hours) semesters for a total of four credit hours. Enrollment is by audition. Participation as a member of Trial Team requires meeting course requirements for both the fall and spring semesters. Trial Team consists of preparing for and competing in national trial team competitions. The course includes pre-trial preparation, planning, and a jury trial presentation. Students work in pairs to prepare and try the cases. Trial team meeting times will be arranged with the faculty and are typically bi-weekly in the law school courtroomThe course requires participation in two national law school trial competitions over the course of the year. Students who are selected after auditions may enroll in the course for the fall and spring semester of the following academic year. Auditions take place during the spring semester for the following academic year.

Sequence and Prerequisites: Trial Advocacy (fall), Fundamentals of Trial Practice, and Evidence are prerequisites or  co-requisites.