Check Application Status

As a general guideline, the entire review process – from receipt of a completed application to a decision – takes approximately four to six weeks. Please note that at different points in the admissions cycle, this timeline may vary slightly.

Check Application Status

Status Definitions


Incomplete is the initial status for all new applications. This is the phase your application will be in until receipt of all application materials has been verified.

What might delay the verification process?

  • Missing documents – résumé, personal statement, letters of recommendation, transcripts, Credit Assembly Service (CAS) Report
  • Pending LSAT score
  • Money owed to LSAC

How will I know if something is missing from my application?
Be aware that the entire verification process takes approximately two weeks to complete once all materials are received. If your application is missing anything, it is not necessary to contact us. We will contact you.

Complete, Ready for Review

Our internal verification process is complete, and the application is ready for review.

Complete, in Review

The application is being reviewed by admissions officers for a decision.


The application has undergone an initial review, but has been determined to require a reevaluation before a decision is rendered.


The file has been reviewed and a final decision (admit, waitlist, or deny) has been made on the application. Prior to seeing the decision online, you will receive an email from the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid notifying you of the decision.