MSL Aid & Scholarships

The MSL degree is an investment in both your career and your future success. Prospective students are encouraged to contact their employers to determine if tuition assistance is available. Students who are not sponsored by their companies often qualify for loans and financial aid.

The MSL is a reimbursable program for University of Illinois graduate students. Tuition reimbursement will be sought from any University of Illinois unit that appoints its students.

Resources to Help You Finance Your MSL


Scholarships are available based on the strength of individual applications, and they range in amounts. All students are automatically considered for need-based and merit-based scholarships. As part of your personal statement (or in a separate document), you may explain why you would be a deserving scholarship recipient, highlighting your financial need or any special accomplishments academically or professionally.

Corporate Match Sponsorships

The College of Law will match company sponsorships up to an allotted amount per year. If you are interested in a company match sponsorship, please send a letter from your company stating the amount or percentage it is willing to sponsor to Margareth Etienne with the subject line: MSL Corporate Match Sponsorship Application.

Student Loans

There are a number of sources for student loans:

  • Federal Student Loans are available to citizens and permanent residents of the United States. The annual amount available from FAFSA is $20,500, and is guaranteed regardless of income. The FAFSA application can be completed online.
  • GradPlus Loans are available to graduate and professional students with good credit histories, and can be applied to expenses not already covered by Federal Student Loans and other financial resources.

Additional Information

Below are some additional useful resources to help you find other sources of funding for your graduate degree:

Office of Student Financial Aid