Financial Aid Tips & FAQ

  • Keep a copy of the tax records and any supporting documents used to complete the applications.
  • Keep a copy of your FAFSA on your hard drive and make sure your PIN is located in a secure place.
  • If income figures from tax returns will not be ready until after March 15, estimate income, complete, and mail.

Frequently Asked Questions

Financial Aid

Q: When will I receive my financial aid award package?
A: You will receive your financial aid award package in mid-May. To see how your student budget is calculated, please review the financial aid section or for additional questions, contact Julie Griffin.

Q: How do I accept the federal loans offered?
A: You will be sent an electronic award letter with instructions on how to accept your loans online.


Q: How do scholarships affect the cost of attendance/budget estimate?
A: As you know, scholarships are offered at the time of acceptance but what you may not know is that when it comes to a student’s budget, the scholarship and loan offerings affect the student’s budget estimate the same. For example, if a student’s budget is $34,000 and he receives a $10,000 scholarship, then he qualifies for $24,000 in unmet need or may apply for additional loans to help pay for this estimated budget.

Tuition Deposits

Q: When are the tuition deposits due (and for how much)?
A: The College of Law requires two deposits, each in the amount of $250. The first deposit is due in April, and the second deposit is due in May.

Q: How can I pay the tuition deposits?
A: You may pay your tuition deposits by submitting a check or by paying with a credit card. We accept Master Card or Visa.

Q: Where should I pay the deposits?
A: If you are paying by credit card, you may pay your deposits online. Otherwise, please submit your deposits to the Admissions Office through the mail or in person.

Q: Are the tuition deposits refundable?
A: All tuition deposits are non-refundable and are credited toward your first semester’s tuition.