Kevin Lammers ’14

Deputy Public Defender, Benton County Public Defender

In 2014, I was awarded a Public Defender Fellowship by the College of Law and placed in the Benton County (AR) Public Defender’s Office.

When I graduated in May 2014, I knew that I wanted to serve the indigent accused in my home state, but I had very few contacts in Arkansas that could help me bridge the gap from graduation to full-time practice as a public defender. The Fellowship program provided me with immediate placement in a growing public defender’s office in my region of choice, while also allowing my young family to have financial security during that time.

The exceptional practical training I received while at the College of Law, in conjunction with the fellowship’s placement, resulted in me being offered a full-time position less than three months after starting my fellowship. I’m still a public defender in Benton County, Arkansas, handling a full felony caseload and doing what I love – due in large part to the doors opened by the College of Law’s Public Defender Fellowship.