Shawna Boothe ’13

Associate, Schiff Hardin LLP

During my time as a student at the College of Law, Career Services helped me make the difficult decision on the mind of every first year law student: what type of law I wanted to practice and in what legal setting I wanted to practice.

They guided me through the on-campus interview and call back interview process, which led to a summer internship and full-time employment. But they did much more than help place me at a job. The attorney-counselors took the time to get to know me – my personality, my goals, and my interests. When it came time to choose a firm, I felt comfortable relying on the advice they provided about which firm would be the best fit for me. As an alum, I am able to see the work the Career Services office does from the employer’s perspective. They strive to create a pipeline between students and law firms by forming strong bonds with alumni at these firms. Career Services played an important role in my success as a young lawyer by providing the guidance, advice, and resources at each stage of my legal career.